News Highlights Hebrew College Professor Quoted in The Times of Israel

By Hebrew College
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Rabbi Josh Feigelson, the president & CEO of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, recently quoted Hebrew College’s Rabbi Nechemia Polen on Vayikra, the Book of Leviticus, in The Times of Israel. The quote begins:

“The great teacher Nechemia Polen puts it well: Leviticus offers us an alternative way of knowing, an embodied spirituality that highlights space, demonstrative gesture and gift-giving as the touchstones of religious life. Rather than assuming that betterment of the human condition will take place by means of education and the promulgation of ideas, it relies on proximity and access to a locus of transformative energy and spiritual power to effect positive change, (“Touches of Intimacy,” in Arthur Green and Ariel Mayse’s A New Hasidism: Branches, p. 41).”

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