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Hebrew College has worked to develop a fall plan that prioritizes public health and safety, while striving to create as many opportunities as possible for in-person community, connection, and learning. At the same time, building on the experience we gained last semester, we are committed to enhancing the learning experience for students in those classes that will continue on Zoom, and we are dedicating time and resources this summer to ensure that faculty are well supported as they prepare courses for virtual and hybrid settings.

We are grateful to be part of such a caring community, and confident that, together, we will be able to take on this challenge in a spirit of mutual responsibility and support.

Health & Safety Guidelines

Our partial return to campus this fall will require a deep commitment on the part of each and every member of our community to abide by health and safety protocols, both on and off campus. Preliminary information about the health and safety precautions for those coming to campus include:

  1. Wear masks at all times in the building.
  2. Practice social distancing at all times in the building.
  3. Stay home with any warning signs of COVID. Everyone entering the building will be required to answer a series of health questions to ensure that people who are experiencing any symptoms return home.
  4. All eating will be limited to designated areas with socially distanced seating.
  5. Daily cleaning of frequented common areas such as bathrooms and classrooms will be enhanced.

Community Education Programs

All of our Community Education classes and programs — including Adult Learning, Teen Learning, Miller Center, and Professional Development for rabbis and educators — will be held online for the fall semester, using Zoom and other resources for distance learning and community building.

Graduate Leadership Program

The Rabbinical School and the Cantorial Program will adopt a hybrid approach for the fall semester, with roughly half of the classes in person and half on Zoom. Any student who is unable to be physically present for classes due to health considerations will be able to take all of their classes online. All classes will move to a virtual format after Thanksgiving. Our online Masters of Jewish Education and Masters of Jewish Studies classes will continue in their online format throughout the year.

Faculty and staff

Faculty and staff will be able to begin to return to campus this fall, following the protocols outlined above, as well as other procedures that we will implement in accordance with state guidelines and recommendations from our medical consultants. To ensure effective social distancing, we will encourage those who are able to continue to work remotely throughout the fall semester to do so, and we will limit the number of staff who are on campus at any given time.

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