News Highlights “Becoming a Mom During the Climate Crisis”

By Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman

Having a baby in the era of climate collapse was the most radically selfish thing I have ever done and also the most astonishing act of love and faith I have ever undertaken. — Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman `14

shoshana friedman Rabbi Shoshana Meira Freidman’s article “Becoming a Mom During the Climate Crisis” was published in the August 31, 2022 issue of Tablet Magazine.  In her essay, which tells the highly personal story of how she decided to try and conceive a child in 2016-17,  she says, “the impact of motherhood on my sense of self during the climate crisis. This is the most important love story of my life.” She is Director of the Hebrew College-JArts Artist Beit Midrash and a 2014 graduate of the Hebrew College Rabbinical School.


Rabbi Friedman also discusses the climate crisis (along with founder and climate activist Bill McKibben) on this episode of Hebrew College’s “Speaking  Torah” podcast.

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