A Taste of the Hebrew Language: Intro to the Basics

Instructor: Dr. Carmit Burstyn
Dates: 11/3/24-12/15/24
Time: 11am-12:30pm EST
Cost: $360/Prizmah School Network; $400/Outside Prizmah School Network
Location: Zoom

Description: Do you find yourself trying to remember Hebrew language rules and concepts that you learned in school? Do you look up explanations on verb conjugation and ‘binyanim’ or on types of sentences in language handbooks and online? In this introductory course, we will learn about Hebrew phonology, morphology (the verb system), and syntax. We will get to know basic concepts in linguistics, as well as the historical periods of the Hebrew language. We will reflect on why it is important to know ‘about the language’ in order to understand, write and speak ‘the language’ – in teaching and learning Hebrew as an additional language, and we will consider what we need to know to effectively teach our students a language form. By the end of this course, you will be able to explain core issues in Hebrew grammar, to identify grammar-related potential challenges to learners of Hebrew as an additional language, and to make informed decisions about teaching language forms to students of different proficiency levels.


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