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Me'ah Classic

Through reading and analyzing core texts and ideas, the Me'ah Classic program helps you develop a framework for understanding Jewish culture and civilization. Assigned readings, including passages from both primary textual sources and supplemental scholarly materials, reveal the richness of Jewish literature.

These sources are at the heart of the Jewish "conversation" — a conversation that stretches over 3,000 years as Jews have interpreted and reinterpreted the central texts that define their tradition. In Me'ah, you become part of that conversation.

The first year will enable you to delve into core Hebrew Bible and rabbinic texts, the basis of Jewish beliefs, behaviors and community. During the second year, you will focus on the medieval and modern Jewish experience, drawing from primary sources and exploring the distinguishing social and cultural themes of those eras. In studying the major works and ideas of each period, each within its unique historical context, you will also discover vital interrelationships.

Me’ah Classic is offered at various times and locations throughout Greater Boston. This year's offerings include Me’ah and a Movie, co-presented by the Boston Jewish Film Festival. In addition to the regular Me’ah schedule, this class will feature one film on each historical period and a discourse on the film’s presentation of that historical period. Instructors for this Me’ah class work with the Boston Jewish Film Festival on film selection. Meets Wednesdays, 7 to 9:45 p.m., at Hebrew College in Newton Centre.

 > See a more detailed explanation of the Me'ah Classic curriculum.


Sara Riedner Brown
Associate Director, Me'ah