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MaTaRoT Monthly Workshops: October

Using Social Media to Create and Tell our Stories
Instructor: Micah Hart
Date: October 17, 2023
Time: 12 – 1pm
Cost: Free
Location: Zoom
Register: Register Now!

It’s hard to get people’s attention these days—there’s a never-ending bombardment of the senses from every possible outlet—but it’s also never been easier to tune out the things you prefer to ignore. The answer is simple: if you want people to give you their time, you have to give them something of value in return. This workshop will give you the tools to help you do that by using storytelling to build relationships with your community.

Micah HartMicah Hart is a writer, speaker, and host of Who Knows One?, the Six Degrees of Separation live show. He has spent 20+ years creating content and building relationships with audiences for brands like the Atlanta Hawks, the NBA, Buffalo Wild Wings, and more. He also hosts Campfires and Color Wars, a summer camp memories storytelling podcast. When he’s not connecting people to each other, he lives in Valencia, Spain, with his wife and their two children.