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MaTaRoT Monthly Workshops: June

Questions, Questions: Interrogating Jewish Storytelling
Instructor: Caren Schnur Neile
Date: June 4, 2024
Time: 12 – 1pm
Cost: Free
Location: Zoom

It is often said that great stories don’t provide answers; they pose questions. The same can also be said for a great storytelling series. Asking questions is inherent in Jewish culture. What questions has this series raised in your mind about the importance, meaning, and utility of Jewish storytelling? What do you still wonder about how—and why—to use storytelling in your own life and work? Do you want to tell better stories? Learn how to adapt personal anecdotes to telling? Start your own storytelling tradition, or group? Come bring these questions and others for a lively and informative discussion with a “community storytelling activist” who has employed story in hundreds of places and in dozens of different situations.

Micah Hart

Caren Schnur Neile, PhD., MFA, has developed community storytelling events and taught storytelling studies at Florida Atlantic University for more than two decades. As a performance storyteller for adults, she has presented in 10 states and seven countries, including as a Fulbright Senior Specialist in Vienna and Jerusalem, and with Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank. Dr. Neile co-hosts the segment The Public Storyteller on South Florida public radio and contributes a regular column to South Florida’s Jewish Journal, the nation’s largest Jewish weekly. A graduate of the Jewish Theological Seminary, she has published six books and numerous articles and chapters in publications including the Encyclopedia of Jewish-American Literature and Elie Wiesel and the Art of Storytelling.