MaTaRoT Fall 2022: Course Descriptions

fall 2022 leadership coaching

Individualized Coaching Sessions

Instructor: MaTaRoT Faculty
Dates: Agreed upon between faculty coach and participant
Time: Agreed upon between faculty coach and participant
Cost: See below for pricing
Location: Zoom
Register: Returning Applicants & New Applications


Leadership CoachingSmall Synagogue (up to 200 member units)Medium Synagogue (200-450 member units)Large Synagogue (over 450 member units)
Consulting (sliding scale as one of the 10 CJP Schools)$550$1000$2000

The professional development team at Hebrew College is available for a set of individualized coaching sessions. Educators partner with an experienced coach to develop and deepen skills in areas such as change management, interpersonal communication, supervision, leadership, etc. to achieve professional goals.

Deadline for 2022-2023 new and returning applications is July 18, 2022. 

Program in Instructional Leadership (PIL)

Instructor: Susan Morrel, M.A.R.E.
Dates: TBD
Time: Thursdays, 10:00-11:30am
Cost: $360 per year. This is a two year program.
Location: Zoom
Register: Register Now

The Program in Instructional Leadership is for congregational school leaders who want to strengthen the teaching and learning in their settings through participating in a Professional Learning Community. This group of school leaders comes together over a two year period to strengthen the vision and skill for teacher development in their programs, to learn and practice the core skills of mentoring teachers, to share experiences, and to identify and discuss key challenges and opportunities in the field of Jewish supplementary education. Participants in the program will gain a deep understanding, along with the necessary skills, to motivate, inspire, and empower teachers to improve the teaching and learning in their supplemental school classrooms. As part of the program, the instructor visits each participant’s site to co-observe a teacher, and then reflect on the observation and its follow-up. Topics include Instructional Core Triangle; Our Stance; Map of Pedagogical Knowledge; Classroom Observations/Naming & Framing; Pre and Post Observation Meetings; Providing Feedback; Coaching; Reflective Questioning; Text Study; Co-Planning; Co-Teaching; Classroom Walk-Throughs; Creating a Professional Learning Community.

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