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Maker Mishkan 2018 Registration

Register here for one of our Summer 2018 Maker Mishkan classes: Woodworking on Your Jewish Identity, Embroidering Your Jewish Ritual Practice, and Cooking Your Jewish Customs.
Each course consists of six hands-on and text-based class sessions. pick a craft and explore your Jewish identity, build new connections in the community, and have some fun this summer!

What is Eser?
Eser is Hebrew for 10, a number with special significance in Judaism. Eser brings together individuals in their 20s and 30s for conversations in neighborhood living rooms to build connection and community.

What does Mishkan mean?
In the Torah, the “Mishkan” is the richly-decorated physical place where God resides. And more than just a physical space, it also represents the communal connection among the Israelites.

Eser Maker Mishkan
Through hands-on crafts, you’ll have the opportunity to explore new activities, develop your Jewish identity, and build new connections with other 20- and 30-somethings in your community. Pick a craft and explore how it can be a part of your Jewish journey!

(CLASS FILLED) Cooking Up Jewish Culture: Mondays in Somerville, July 16th – August 20th, 7-9 pm. Food has long been an expression of Jewish culture and identity. Through this workshop, led by Eser’s Sara Gardner, an avid cook and food historian, you’ll explore how Jewish culinary heritage connects to the identity of Jews throughout the Diaspora, and you’ll learn a few new recipes along the way.

(CLASS FILLED) Woodworking on Your Jewish IdentityTuesdays in Brighton, July 17th – August 21st, 7-9 pm. From mezuzot to dreidels to gorgeous wooden synagogues, woodworking has long been a means to express Jewish identity. In this workshop, led by woodworker extraordinaire Eugene Zeleny and almost-rabbi Sam Blumberg, you’ll woodwork your own Judaica and explore your Jewish identity’s artistic expression.

Embroidering Your Jewish Ritual Practice: Wednesdays in Cambridge, July 18th – August 22nd, 7-9 pm. Many Jewish sacred objects are embroidered, from Torah covers to Kippot to Tallit and Tzitzit. In this workshop, led by local artist Kit Collins and a rabbinic facilitator, you’ll work on embroidering your own Jewish practice.

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SHOULD THE CLASS YOU WANT TO TAKE BE FILLED: Reach out to Sara at and let her know if you’d like to take this class in the future!


Program Fee: $75

The program fee should not be an obstacle to participation, email Sara for information on financial assistance.

Refund Policy
Those who withdraw from class before the first session will be given a full refund. A $35 administrative fee will be deducted from your refund if you choose to withdraw from the class after the first session.

More Information
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