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January 27, 2021 The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest

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  • Date
  • time Eastern Time
  • location Online
  • organizer Hazon, Dayenu - Hebrew College is a co-sponsor
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Join Hebrew College faculty and alumni as they present online sessions at the Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest, January 27-31. Centered around the holiday of Tu b’Shevat – the new year for the trees, the festival is a virtual and collaborative festival by and for people who want to activate Jewish values to move the needle on climate change. All festival sessions are free for all.

Sessions and Schedule

Hebrew College faculty, student, and alumni offerings include: 

  • Rethinking Creation for the Age of Climate Crisis with Rabbi Dr. Arthur Green with Dr. Stephanie Kaza
  • Joining All Creation in Yearning for the Face of God: Teachings from the OrHaHayyim, with Rabbi Nehemia Polen 
  • When L’Dor VaDor Feels Uncertain: Talking To Children About Climate Change, with Rabbinical Student Eric Feld and Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman’14
  • Have You Made Art About It Yet: Climate Crisis Editionwith Jewish Studio Project, co-founded by Rabbi Adina Allen’14  
  • The Evolutionary Tree of Life: Finding Hope in Deep Time, with Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman 
  • Witnessing Creation: Reviving An Ancient Prayer Practice for Our Time, with Rabbi Ebn Leader
  • Breath Lab: Sacred Breath in a Time of Collapse, with Rabbinical Student Ya’akov Ginsberg-Schrek
  • Songs to Sustain Us in the Struggle: A Motzei Shabbat Sing, with Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman, Rabbi Micah Shapiro’15, and more
  • Spiraling Through Time: The Radical Practice of Shabbat, with Rabbi Getzel Davis ’13 and Leora Mallach
  • Adamah in Search of Adam: Earth in Search of Humanity, with Rabbi Moshe Givental’18 

Visit the event website to view all the session descriptions and times.

About the Climate Fest

JEWISHCLIMATEFESTLOGOThe Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest is a collaboration by and for people who want to activate Jewish values and help our community move the needle on climate change. We believe the time has come to put climate change as a central moral issue of our community, and our current moment is a unique opportunity for collaboration and engagement that might otherwise not have been possible. We are excited to leverage these opportunities in order to strengthen the Jewish climate movement and inspire individual and communal action.

Organizers of the Festival include representatives from leading Jewish environmental organizations Hazon and Dayenu, creators of The Great Big Jewish Food Fest, and the creators of The Urgency of Now: Seattle’s Jewish Climate Festival, which was the inspiration for this year’s national festival. By creating a platform for many organizations and individuals to share their enthusiasm for and expertise on this topic, we hope to collectively re-energize Tu BiShvat as a modern, purpose driven experience.