May 11, 2019 Organizing and Resilience: A Workshop for Jewish Urban Educators (Open Circle Social Action)

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  • Date
  • time Eastern Time
  • location Private Residence, Jamaica Plain
  • cost $80. Financial assistance is available upon request.
  • organizer Open Circle Social Action
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The question of how we can stay resilient and committed to teaching in the midst of a challenging, at times demoralizing, world is one that deeply preoccupied the ancient rabbis.  It is a question that continues to concern those of us invested in education and justice work today.

This six-session course, open to educators of all backgrounds, will explore how the rabbis navigated, renegotiated and reinvigorated their identities as teachers and activists.  In addition to applying rabbinic frameworks to reflect on our own contemporary realities as public educators in Boston and Cambridge, this class will help us to think and strategize about how to organize our colleagues more effectively in an effort to bring about meaningful institutional and structural change.

Organizing and Resilience will be facilitated by Rabbi Leora Abelson and co-taught by Rabbis Shahar Colt, Laura Bellows and Daniel Schaefer.

This class is organized by Open Circle Social Action, a Hebrew College adult learning program supported by CJP.