News Highlights Azara: U.K. Group Launches Nondenominational Summer Yeshiva in Edinburgh

By Hebrew College

“The Edinburgh community, because they’re a small community and they’re not so used to big Jewish things happening up here, have been incredibly welcoming and incredibly accommodating of us.”

—Jessica Spencer, Hebrew College Rabbinical Student

Hebrew College student Jessica Spencer (pictured above) is featured in the June 29, 2023 eJewish Philanthropy article “U.K. group launches homegrown nondenominational summer yeshiva in Edinburgh.”

Taking inspiration from Hadar and Pardes, along with a number of other learning institutions in the U.S. and Israel, two years ago Jessica Spencer along with Rabbi Leah Jordan, and Rabba Dr Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz created Azara. The monthlong yeshiva program runs June 21 to July 23 and is being held at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Divinity at New College, through a partnership with the institution.

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