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Community Blog Spring Semester Reflections

By Giulia Fleishman
pastel of the Negev by Giulia Fleishman

I stretch my hands
Out cupped catch
Drops of this journey
Delight collects
A tiny pool of treasure
We stumbled off the highway
Into green grass
Yellow flowers
Red white poppies
Sprinkled across the land
Lichen-covered rocks
Knobby trees
Nibbling cows
A vignette so perfectly made
To look unintentional
As if by human hand
We climb the hill
Atop the grassy peak
Rocks scattered
Ready for Jacob
To arrange to lie to dream
I don’t remember where he was
But I know it was here
This vision already in me
From the first time I read of murderous brotherly flight
We follow trail blazes
Across a land already inside us

Giulia Fleishman is a rabbinical student at Hebrew College who spent her spring 2020 semester in Israel.

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