Jewish learning “Serach, Jacob’s Immortal Granddaughter” by Professor Rabbi Adelman

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Serach, daughter of Asher, is mentioned by name twice in the Torah—in the list of Jacob’s descendants who go down to Egypt and in the census in Numbers—without any details about her life. As a reward for breaking the news to Jacob that Joseph is still alive, the Midrash grants her immortality, gives her a key role during the exodus, and identifies her as the wise woman during King David’s reign.

Professor Rabbi Rachel Adelman’s midrashic explication of Serach, who journeyed with the Israelites out of Canaan in Genesis, and is listed as having endured 40 years of wandering before entering the land in Numbers, was published last week in an essay at, “Serach, Jacob’s Immortal Granddaughter”. “The implication is that Serach not only exceeds a normal human lifespan, but thrives, overlapping many generations.” Read more.

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