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Alumni Rabbinical School Graduate Micah Shapiro Releases First Full Album

By Hebrew College

Hebrew College Rabbinical School graduate Micah Shapiro (above center, performing at Hebrew College’s 2021 Gala) released his full length album Zeh Ha-Sha’ar this week. Shapiro introduces the work to his BandCamp supporters as follows:

“Working in the small pockets of life that included welcoming two kids into this world, this album began with a 3 day songwriting retreat in the Shenandoah in August 2019 and has been an exhilarating, exhausting, exacting and ecstatic journey ever since. I worked and worked and worked to find the right melodies, song structure, arrangements, personnel and production to create my best music that would be true to, and deepen, the rich meaning of these sacred Hebrew texts. The album’s title, Zeh Ha-Sha’ar (meaning ‘This is the Gate’) comes from the title track ‘Pitchu Li’ and honors the immersive intention of this album. May you enter through this gate and lose yourself in the cascade of melodies, beats, colors and themes, discovering peace, joy, healing and fire along the way.

This album would not have been possible without my partner, the incomparable Aaren Alpert, who in addition to bringing stunning vocals to this project, emerged as my trusted co-producer.”

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