Graduate Certificates in Jewish Education

Hebrew College Graduate Certificates for Jewish Educators

At Hebrew College you can earn a Graduate Certificate in the following areas:

  • Certificate in Emerging Trends in Jewish Education 
  • Certificate in Teaching & Learning 
  • Certificate in Jewish Spiritual Education 
  • Certificate in Jewish Educational Leadership 

Please note that all four modules in a certificate program must be completed to earn the graduate level certificate. Certificate credit may count toward a Master of Jewish Education degree.

MAJS Overview

It is a three-year program, but has the flexibility to be done at one’s own pace. Students take classes on campus alongside rabbinic, cantorial, and Master of Jewish Education degree students.

The first year of the program is focused on grounding students with an introduction to Jewish texts, practice, Hebrew language and Jewish history. The second year of the program allows students to focus on either Jewish history and thought or the Jewish textual tradition (see curriculum below).

Coming to study at Hebrew College also means there are a wealth of elective opportunities open in Jewish education, halakhah (Jewish law), and Jewish mysticism.

There is a Hebrew requirement for entering the program. Incoming students must have completed Hebrew 4 (intermediate Hebrew), or the equivalent of two years of college Hebrew. For students who have had little exposure to Hebrew, Hebrew College offers a summer Ulpan course to prepare students for the master’s program.

Contact Info

Rabbi Gita Karasov
Director of Admissions & Student Life