News Highlights “Peh-Sach” podcast raises autism awareness through the Passover story

By Hebrew College

elyssa-austerklein“The brain of someone with Autism is wired differently than a neurotypical person. Sensory experiences may be heightened and how a person receives and offers communication may be different. As opposed to the adage great minds think alike, as Jews, and as people embracing neurodiversity, we believe that great minds don’t think alike. We learn and grow optimally when we engage with those who show us a new way of thinking. Traditionally, the Jewish way of learning is in conversation with another person, no more so than when we celebrate Passover at the holiday meal called the Seder. This podcast exemplifies that experience of learning and exploring together.” (Rabbi Elyssa Joy Austerklein `11)

New “Peh-Sach” podcast with Rabbi Elyssa Joy Austerklein `11, founder of Ivrim Jews without Borders, aims to raise autism awareness through the Passover story.

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