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News Highlights Meet Rabbi Jenna Shaw

By Hebrew College
Jenna Shaw

Rabbi Jenna Shaw `23 was highlighted in the October 31, 2023 online HillRag article “Meet Rabbi Jenna of Hill Havurah” for their work as Hill Congregation’s High Holiday Assistant Rabbi. Jenna is also Assistant Director of Truah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights.

By Theo Weller, HillRag

As a non-binary person, Rabbi Jenna understands especially well the challenges diversity brings. “I think people have many perceptions of what a Rabbi is,” they reflected. “I think, for me, my queerness has put me in a place where I’ve had to think a lot about power and I’m really mindful of how much power and authority I have. I also think with power and authority comes responsibility and I think my queerness has made me grapple with those questions in ways that I think a lot of people who aren’t queer don’t have to.”

Hill Havurah is an independent Jewish community based on Capitol Hill serving people from across the Washington metropolitan area. Our mission is to anticipate and meet the spiritual, educational, religious, cultural, and life cycle needs of a growing and evolving Jewish community.

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