News Highlights Two Israeli Teen Groups Visit Hebrew College Amidst War at Home

By Hebrew College

Two separate groups of Israeli teens visited Hebrew College yesterday. The Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) Haifa Delegation spent the entire day with us on campus, and a group of Israeli teens with J-LOFT visited Hebrew College yesterday as part of their exchange program between students from the MetroWest area and Haifa.

For the students with J-LOFT, their visit to the Greater Boston area is to learn about and experience Jewish life in Boston. As part of this, they are hosted by synagogues, participate in Hebrew Schools, and stay with local Jewish families. This is their first time visiting Hebrew College. In the itineraries of previous years, they usually visit campus partner Mayyim Hayyim—and with our new shared campus, they decided to visit Hebrew College as well.

The two groups of teens came together while on our campus to pray as war wages in their home country.

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