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News Highlights How Two Local Rabbis Are Thinking About Education with Antisemitism on the Rise

By Hebrew College
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Rabbi Or Rose, Radio Boston

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famously said that we are part of an ‘inescapable garment of mutuality.’ And so, we need to come to understand that our diversity is our strength and that one form of hate speech or action targeting a particular group is the beginning and not the end of pain and suffering for many other people…So, between flair-ups and incidents, we must do the work of bridge-building.

Two rabbinical leaders from the Hebrew College community—Rabbi Or Rose, the founding director of the  Miller Center for Interreligious Learning & Leadership of Hebrew College, and Rabbi Suzie Jacobson ’15—joined Tiziana Dearing of WBUR’s Radio Boston to share how they’re educating young people with antisemitism on the rise locally and nationally.

The segment aired on Radio Boston on November 8, 2022.

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