News Highlights Hebrew College Student to be Student Rabbi in Southwest Orlando Jewish Congregation

By Hebrew College
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Fifth year Hebrew College rabbinical student Michael Fraade is heading to Southwest Orlando Jewish Congregation as a student rabbi. This last weekend, Aug. 18-20, was Fraade’s first Shabbat services at SOJC. One weekend a month he will be making the journey from his home in Cambridge, MA to Orlando, FL.

Fraade was appreciative of Hebrew College’s pluralistic education.


Michael Fraade, Heritage Florida Jewish News

People have widely divergent ideas about the nature and importance of halacha, what kinds of skills make for a good rabbi, Israel, what prayer should look like, and intermarriage, to name just a few. It has been incredibly valuable to see the ways in which people engage with love, good faith, and respect, even when they disagree. The school community has talked through plenty of hot-button issues and made important decisions in a way that acknowledges that even when not everybody will be happy, everybody will be heard. I strongly believe that at the end of the day, the Jewish people is one big family.

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