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Centennial Hebrew College 2022 Annual Impact Report: Celebrating Our Centennial Year

By Hebrew College

Reimagining Jewish learning and leadership for an interconnected world. Making our lives more meaningful, our communities more vibrant, and our world more whole. 

To mark and celebrate Hebrew College’s local, regional, national, and even global impact on our communities—both Jewish and pluralistic—the College summarizes the impact of our community and its alumni in the 2022 Annual Impact Report: Celebrating Our Centennial Year.

Letter from the President

Throughout our centennial year, we returned to a three-part theme, captured in three words: Remember, Renew, Reimagine.

Remember. To remember, both individually and collectively, is to acknowledge the debt we owe to previous generations, to those who have shaped us and made it possible for us to stand here today. To remember is to be humbled by the sweep of history that forms the unfolding context of our learning and our lives, and by the awareness that those who came before us faced challenges at least as great—and sometimes far more grave—than those before us today. To remember is to know that where we are is not where we have always been, nor is it where we will always be. In this sense, to remember is to hope.

Renew. To renew is to be alive. In Masechet Eruvin of the Babylonian Talmud we learn: “Eyn Beit Midrash b’lo ḥiddush.” There is no house of study without renewal, without the insights and ideas that emerge from the dialogue between the voices on the pages of our ancient texts and the living, breathing voices around the tables of the Beit Midrash. For each of us individually, and for all of us together, it is our continued capacity for renewal that enlivens us, that replenishes the wells of love and grief, wisdom and wonder, patience and strength from which we draw.

Reimagine. For the College, this has been a period of profound reimagining. As we move to our new home in Newton, we are inspired by the vision of collaboration that our innovative shared campus represents, and we are excited to create a vibrant communal hub that opens so many doors to Jewish life. Art, music, justice, movement, study, spiritual practice, prayer and more—each is an entryway, an opening to deeper learning, growth, and connection. Building community, building anything that matters, requires the capacity to make room for others—for different experiences, different voices and perspectives, different roles, and different gifts. It reminds us that we are each only part of a larger life-giving whole.

This year’s Annual Impact Report is a tribute to the accomplishments of our Centennial Year, a celebration of one hundred years of memory and hope, and an expression of our faith in and commitment to a vibrant Jewish future.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your partnership and shared vision. While this Annual Impact Report takes a look back at the year that has past, I hope it will also help us turn toward the world ahead, as we continue to remember, renew, and reimagine together.

With deep gratitude,

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