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Alumni From Generation to Generation: Alum Endows Fellowship

By Adam Zemel
Myra Snyder with Snyder fellows

Myra Snyder, Me’ah ‘97, MAJS ‘01, remembers the feeling of belonging she found through her studies at Hebrew College: “I decided to walk into Hebrew College back when it was in Brookline to find out what they had to offer a person like me who had no previous experience in Judaic studies except Me’ah. I felt like I was home. It was suggested that I begin my journey with one course. Not long after that I entered the master’s program. I learned Hebrew from scratch and felt a true sense of accomplishment when I wrote and delivered my thesis! Now, I want to give back through an opportunity for young people to open themselves up to study.”

Each year, Hebrew College welcomes students from diverse professional backgrounds and Jewish traditions, enriching our community with a wide array of experiences and perspectives. The Myra Snyder Communal Leadership Fellowship is awarded annually to suopport and celebrate two of these students as they pursue ordination at Hebrew College.

Hebrew College recognizes the financial challenges many students face in pursuing their academic goals. 93% of ordination students and 88% of master’s degree students rely on some form of financial aid to fund their studies. Many students put their professional lives on hold to focus on their education full-time, navigating reduced income and the high cost of living in the Greater Boston area.

“I spent many years working as a social worker, holding others in their own journeys of becoming. The Myra Snyder Communal Leadership Fellowship allows me the financial breathing room to be a full-time student,” says Hannah Limov, Shanah Aleph student and 2022-2023 fellowship recipient. This support allows her to make the most of her time at Hebrew college, “wrestling with the wisdom of my ancestors, soaking up the knowledge of my teachers and classmates, and ultimately investing in my own journey of becoming—so that I can one day be a rabbi who once again holds others, but this time, with the wisdom and power of our sacred traditions.”

Hebrew College is dedicated to breaking down financial barriers and ensuring access to our programs for all aspiring scholars. Through partnerships with generous donors like Myra, we are able to offer scholarships and fellowships that fill the gaps left by traditional financial aid avenues.

You have the power to make a difference in a student’s ability to unlock their future as a Jewish leader! Please contact Rosa Franck, Director of Development, to discuss the opportunities at rfranck@hebrewcollege.edu or 617.559.8736.

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