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I grew up tabling at Hillel, so the idea of tabling is very familiar to me. I would table in college when I was involved in Hillel and I would table after college when I worked for Hillel. When I first came to Melrose, everybody said that people really go to the Farmers’ Market. It’s a big draw, you see everyone there at some point during the day, it is part of the fabric of the community. I thought, if it works in college, I might as well get out into the community and meet people and make sure the synagogue is visible. The farmers market seemed like the perfect place! 

Mostly people just stop by to chat and say hi. People also ask me all sorts of questions. I often get asked, “What is a rabbi?” and “What is the difference between Judaism and Christianity.” Or “What are the important books that you read.” Every once in a while, someone asks, “How do I sign up for Hebrew School?” Those are my favorite questions. 

—Rabbi Jessica Lowenthal `19, rabbi and education director of Temple Beth Shalom, a Reform synagogue and Jewish community center in Melrose, Mass., and alumnus of The Rabbinical School of Hebrew College

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