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Pluralistic Perspectives Day 7: Happy Hearts in Haifa

By Kimberly Kamborian

IMG_9830On our first evening in Tel Aviv on our way to dinner at Maganda Restaurant, we happened upon happy hearts painted in a plethora of colors on a wall of a neighborhood home. In my mind, this set the theme for our journey. Thirteen magical rainbow hearts brought together for laughter, learning, and adventure. All along the way our group has worked harmoniously, creatively, and cooperatively honoring one another every step of the way.

IMG_9857Our Haifa hosts are amazing and so welcoming, and I thank them on behalf of our group for opening their hearts and homes to all of us to give us a taste of family life and the power of community in Israel. I had the luck of staying with Michal and her beautiful family. She and her husband Omer have a beautiful little girl named Maya who lights up a room with her joy and light, and I am truly blessed to be in her presence as her “friend”. Thank you Lady Maya of the magical realm who danced and pranced for me with glee.

In Haifa after our group experienced our first night apart from one another, we were reunited for a lunch banquet at The Sephardic nursing home where intergenerational and meaningful exchanges take place between young children and wise elders. We saw first hand the power of thoughtful programs that affect people’s lives in positive ways.

IMG_0894In the morning before lunch some of us were taken to visit various schools, and the science group, of which I am a part, explored The Madatech, a science museum for discovery, exploration, and inspiration. As we entered The Gelfand Center for Model Building, Robotics, and Communication, I felt very proud to see the far reaching wings of the generous MG (Mark Gelfand). In addition, we got to experience a hands-on lesson making kaleidoscopes and explore and interact with an outdoor simple machine playground.

Baha'i Shrine in Haifa
Baha’i Shrine in Haifa

Each day our adventures start early and go late into the night. There is so much more to write about: my Armenian sisters here in Haifa, the cute and talented drummer boy that roused me out of my seat to dance, the Technion, the emerald green Mediterranean sea, the Baha’i Shrine and Gardens, but sleep is calling to me as we have a big day tomorrow in nature bird watching.

Sleep well owls, biobees and bugs. I hope all are getting just what they need out of this amazing trip, and I pray for peace in Israel and all of the world that we can come together and unite as a humanity to heal our hearts and live harmoniously with all that is learning from each other’s wisdom and honoring each other in every way.

Shabbat Shalom!

Ein Hod Artist Colony
Ein Hod Artist Colony
Zion Gez, Ein Hod and Rachel Raz
Zion Gez, Ein Hod and Rachel Raz
Mediterranean Beach Haifa
Mediterranean Beach Haifa
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