Beacons of Hope: Our Interreligious S/Heroes Beacons of Hope: Our Interreligious S/Heroes — 2022-23 Dignity Project Cohort

By Shelton Oakley Hersey

Each month, we will honor an individual (or group) who inspires the bridge-building efforts of the Miller Center. Each honoree embodies the values of inclusivity, justice, and compassion in different and unique ways.

Dignity Project Fellowship Program Director Shelton Oakley Hersey, Assistant Director Rafi Ellenson, and the Dignity Project mentors nominate the 2022-23 Dignity Project Cohort. The fellowship consists of 21 local high school students “who have continued to show commitment and courage in engaging across their various lines of difference.” In this video, the fellows share one thing they learned from their time in the fellowship that they will take with them as they continue being agents of change for their communities.

Learn more about the Dignity Project and this year’s fellows on our website.

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