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ParentingOur Lucky Role as Grandparents

I recently enrolled in Hebrew College’s Grandparenting Through a Jewish Lens class at The Rashi School. Two of my grandsons are students there and I thought it was the perfect place for me to take this particular class. We were a group of eight with a wonderful, Jewishly-knowledgeable facilitator, who did a fabulous job in leading us through the four sessions.

It was a very moving, deep experience in which we shared so many memories, some real, some passed down as family folklore. At times it was quite emotional. Our own parents and grandparents played an incredible role in our discussions and seemed to impact how we saw ourselves today as grandparents.

I enjoyed the rich and varied curriculum, which could speak to grandparents of all backgrounds and families. This class — with its insightful Jewish sources, lively discussion, and thought-provoking facilitation — was a gift to each of us. It helped us realize the sacredness of our task as grandparents and the impact each of us can have on our own grandchildren. We all seemed to realize how lucky we are to have the tools of our Judaism to help guide us on our paths as grandparents.

For me the timing of this class also made it so very special. We started right before Rosh Hashanah and we finished right before Sukkoth. I highly recommend this class to any and all Jewish Grandparents. The readings are awesome & the discussions are so very very special.

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