News Highlights Before Boston dedicated “The Embrace” monument to Martin Luther King, Hebrew Colleges Rabbis Led Local March in Solidarity

By Hebrew College
Michael Shire walkingwith Torah

Rabbi Michael ShireOn January 13, 2023 Boston received its own “Statute of Liberty,” a 20-foot-high sculpture celebrating Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King. Before the ceremony, Hebrew College faculty member Rabbi Michael Shire (right) and Miller Center Director Rabbi Or Rose led an interreligious Torah procession before the sculpture’s official installation at the Boston Common.

The event, organized and led by Shire’s congregation at Central Reform Temple, marked an important moment in the history of Boston’s Jewish and Black communities. And it was an exemplary illustration of a member of the Hebrew College community living out the institution’s mission to make the lives in our interconnected world “more meaningful, our communities more vibrant, and our world more whole.”

The march story received wide coverage, including stories in the following publications:

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