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Jewish learning A Taste of the World to Come

By Rafi Ellenson

“In classical Jewish literature, Saturday⁠—Shabbat, the sabbath⁠—is considered to be, ‘a taste of the world to come.’ It is a whole day dedicated to imagining and acting out the peace that will come at the end of days. Some Jews eat luxurious meals or go on long walks unencumbered by worldly responsibilities, and some spend quality time with loved ones. And though it is a taste of the world to come, Shabbat is not meant to be so overwhelming a flavor that we forget ourselves and our obligations to our communities, the world, and the image of God that lives in each and every person. But it is a reminder that a better world is always possible.”

rafi-ellensonHebrew College rabbinical student Rafi Ellenson’s reflection on his experience as a mentor for the Dignity Project, a project of the Miller Center for Interreligious Learning & Leadership at Hebrew College, appeared in the March 23, 2022 issue of the State of Formation blog.

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