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Hebrew College is a pluralistic graduate school in Newton, Massachusetts, where students of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs study to pursue careers as rabbis, Jewish educators, or other Jewish communal professionals. The Rabbinical School is residential and only open to Jewish students, but does not require that students be affiliated with any particular stream of Judaism. The majority of our educational leadership programs are online, with some including a one-week on-campus component.

Degree Programs

Some students come to Hebrew College right after college, others enroll after working in Jewish professions for several years, and others study with us to prepare for a second career in midlife.

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Admissions Process

We want to help you find the program that is right for you. Follow these steps to begin your application:

  • The admissions process begins by contacting the Hebrew College Office of Admissions to learn more about your program of interest.
  • The next step is to submit your application for admission. After you submit your initial application form, you can submit the rest of your application materials.
  • At any time during the inquiry and application process, you are encouraged to arrange a campus visit.

Transfer Credit

Information about acceptance of transfer credits vary by program. Please contact the Admissions Department for your program of interest.

In general, graduate students with grades of B or above may transfer no more than 12 credits. Courses must be applicable to the degree program and not all courses will transfer.

A Career with Meaning

Whether you are just starting out or looking for a career change, Rabbi Dan Judson offers advice on the importance of choosing a career that feels useful and brings you meaning. Download his article for yourself or pass it on to family, friends, and colleagues who may be exploring different career options.

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Non-Degree Programs

In addition to those with professional aspirations, some of our students enjoy coursework for the pure love of learning and Jewish personal enrichment. Hebrew College offers community learning and professional development programs and courses which do not require admissions applications.

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Rabbinical and Jewish Studies 
Rabbi Gita Karasov, Rab`20, MJEd`20

Jewish Education
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Graduate Leadership Studies