Hebrew College Passover Companion

In Honor of Judith Kates

Published in March 2020, this collection emerged out of a desire to honor longtime, esteemed faculty member, friend and colleague, Dr. Judith Kates. Professor, author, teacher, and scholar, Kates stands among the pioneers of contemporary Jewish women reclaiming their Jewish literary heritage by bringing a feminist perspective to the interpretation of classical Jewish texts.

This Passover Companion represents a unique collaboration among faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of Hebrew College. Following after the Hebrew College High Holiday Companion, it offers a pathway into another of our central ritual moments—the Passover seder.

Rachel Adelman, Jane L. Kanarek, and Gail Twersky Reimer, editors
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“Karpas promises that the renewal unfolding in the world around us will come just as insistently to our own lives, to the places that have frozen over in our own weary and wary hearts. Even in the darkest times and narrowest places, there is a song in our souls waiting to well up again.”

At this overwhelming moment for our community and our world, we invite you to listen to an excerpt of Hebrew College President Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld reading Karpas, a piece she wrote for the new Hebrew College Passover Companion.