Parenting your Teen Through a Jewish lens

Parenting Your Teen Through a Jewish Lens

Supported by CJPMany synagogues offer little for parents whose children have already had their bar- or bat-mitvah. However, at this “cycle-of-life” stage, community is needed. 

By offering Parenting Your Teen Through a Jewish Lens, congregations can keep adults connected to their institution and to each other, and can demonstrate that they care about — and are listening carefully to — the hopes, dreams, fears and challenges parents of teens face.

This eight-session program empowers parents of teens to embrace their changing roles, navigate murky waters and enjoy their adolescents’ journey to adulthood. Guided by a skilled facilitator, participants will engage in thoughtful discussion and gain practical insights from ancient and contemporary Jewish sources.

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“The program helped me formulate a clearer picture of the values I hold dear, as well as how I can more effectively communicate and teach them.”

"As a parent, knowing that my Jewish faith and cultural heritage can guide my decisions with the everyday stuff has been an invaluable lesson."