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 כִּ֤י נֵ֣ר מִ֭צְוָה וְת֣וֹרָה א֑וֹר

“For the commandment is a lamp; the teaching is a light” (Proverbs 6:23)

While the form may be different this year, the light of Torah still shines through.

Schedule a Virtual Visit

We would love to welcome you to join our classes to get a better sense of our learning at Hebrew College. Most of our classes are being offered online this semester which makes it even easier to join us on Zoom.

Contact Eric Feld if you are interested in scheduling a virtual visit.

Interested in visiting in-person?

We do have a few classes that are meeting in-person at Hebrew College and are adhering to very strict Covid protocols.We recognize that it is a less than ideal time to visit, but we also look forward to any opportunity to connect. We are happy to try and work with you individually to find a time for you to visit our campus and sit in on class. Please fill out this form if you are interested in finding a time to visit in-person.

Meet our students

While our faculty and students may be at home due to the pandemic, they wanted to share a message with you about our community.

Information & Questions

Contact Eric Feld, Admissions Intern at