Shoolman School Alumni Survey

  • As Hebrew College looks ahead to its Centennial anniversary, it is an important time to revisit our mission, take stock of our current programs, and plan ahead for a vibrant future. Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld, our new president, has assembled a team of Board of Trustees members, Jewish community leaders, and individuals with relevant expertise to guide a Strategic Planning Process over the next few months.
  • As part of that effort, the team is conducting surveys and focus groups with students and alumni of our graduate and community programs, to gain insights from participants themselves about the Hebrew College experience.
  • You are receiving this survey as a graduate of the Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education at Hebrew College. We greatly appreciate your taking the time to respond to the questions below. All responses will be anonymous, unless you choose to share your name with us below.
  • Please complete the survey no later than January 7. Thank you!
  • I. The first questions have to do with your motivation for coming to Hebrew College.

  • II. Now we would like to ask about your experience in the Shoolman School.

  • III. The next questions have to do with your experience since graduating from the Shoolman School.

  • IV. The next questions have to do with your sense of the mission and values of the Shoolman School.

  • V. Our final questions have to do with the reputation of the Shoolman School.

When you hit submit, please scroll to the top of the page to complete the captcha challenge. Then you will be able to successfully submit the survey. Thank you.