Psalm 6: A Neighbor’s Prayer


Dwight L. Wilson is an author of both psalms—Modern Psalms in Search of Peace and Justice—and historical fiction focusing on the North in the era between the Revolutionary and the Civil Wars—The Kidnapped, The Resistors and The Esi Was My Mother series. He is a former General Secretary of Friends General Conference, the original group of North American Quakers. His wife is a former board member and an active congregant of Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Beth Israel Synagogue.

As Covid-19 plagues the post-modern world,
I ask for You to help me assist
those who are Your most vulnerable children.
May I be a servant who You have sent to shield.

May the medical workers and food providers;
the incarcerated, penned up refugees,
and asylum seekers; the postal workers
who must handle germs from dangerous places;
the overcrowded apartment dwellers;
the ones without homes or even loved ones;
Your children with mental illnesses
including the depressed and bi-polar;
as well as those whose money is insecure
because their lives are built around entertaining
or independently healing the broken,
all find me a neighbor who is committed
to their present and future well-being.

Most of all, may my love stretch like an ocean
to help bring the sick and all who care for them
to a shore where life’s storms cannot penetrate.