Psalm 51: Create a Clean Heart


Artist Statement

Painfully shy as a child, Jen Norton was unable to communicate with anyone outside her family except through drawing. Visual language was her first language and she never lost her passion for its ability to communicate her emotion. Jen creates artwork that celebrates the joy of her Catholic faith. The process of painting helps her connect more deeply with her prayer life. Her current work is focused on representing ancient faith traditions in a colorful, folk-style way, suitable for both liturgy and home.

Jen Norton Psalm 51 Painting

Jen is an award-winning artist who creates artwork inspired by her Catholic faith, family and home. Jen Norton graduated in 1987 from Santa Clara University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, with a Minor in Business and worked as a Graphic Designer in the high-tech arena for a decade before pursuing her art full-time. Her work is available to both retail and Catholic wholesale markets.