Rabbinical and Cantorial Merit Fellowships

About our Fellowships

In addition to need-based financial aid, Hebrew College’s rabbinical and cantorial programs award up to eight multi-year merit fellowships to incoming students each year. We are dedicated to removing financial barriers so we can enable people to fulfill their dreams and serve the Jewish people as rabbis and cantors. We are grateful to our generous supporters who have made these awards and all of our student financial support possible.

Awards are made based on academic achievement, leadership potential and demonstrated commitment to the core values of Hebrew College and our rabbinical and cantorial programs.


The Galei Tzedek Fellowship:
This fellowship will be awarded to a student  committed to social justice and serving the LGBTQ community as part of their rabbinate.

Advancing the Leadership and Inclusion of Jews of Color:
This fellowship will be awarded to a student who identifies as a Jew of Color and/or a student who has demonstrated deep personal commitment to anti-racism and the work of strengthening and celebrating ethnic and racial diversity within the Jewish community.

The Myra Snyder Communal Leadership Fellowship:This fellowship is named in honor of Hebrew College trustee Myra Snyder, who is a model of commitment and devotion to creating a strong Jewish community. The fellowship recognizes two students a year who share Myra’s passion for Jewish education and building strong Jewish communities.

Graduating Class Fellowship:
This fellowship is awarded each year to an incoming student thanks to the contributions of previous graduating classes who want to pass on the gift of education. This fellowship will be awarded to a student who demonstrates a desire to contribute to our vibrant learning community.

Hebrew College Core Values Fellowships:
The Hebrew College Core Values Fellowships will be awarded to students who exemplify a commitment to the core values of our rabbinical and cantorial programs:

  • Ahavat Torah: A love of learning
  • Areivut: Embracing Communal Responsibility
  • Elu v’Elu: Engaging Diversity
  • Yetzira: Fostering Jewish Creativity