Open Circle Jewish Learning

Open Circle Jewish Learning brings together small groups of curious, engaged learners with exceptional educators to dive into an array of compelling topics and practices.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all Hebrew College Community Learning classes, including Open Circle Jewish Learning, are currently being offered online, including Spring and Summer 2020 classes.

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Open Circle Jewish Learning
  • time Adults of all ages
  • location Living rooms, synagogues, and community spaces
  • duration 6 to 18 Sessions
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As a teacher, [Open Circle] gave me a chance to present essential ideas and experiences. For the students, who were all working during the day, it gave them a chance to have a taste of Torah without having to stay for a full meal. To switch metaphors, it was like lighting a fire! My hope was that this short series of classes would provide just the right spark to create a sense of wonder and excitement in the students.

– Dov Y. Bard

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