Open Circle Jewish Learning

Open Circle Jewish Learning, sponsored by Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP), brings together small groups of curious, engaged learners with exceptional educators to dive into an array of compelling topics and practices. Choose a class or create your own Open Circle with seven friends or colleagues.

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Open Circle Jewish Learning
  • time Adults of all ages
  • location Living rooms, synagogues, and community spaces
  • duration 6 to 18 Sessions

Design your own Open Circle salon on any Jewish text, practice, or theme. We’re happy to partner with individuals and organizations to coordinate new conversations.

Open Circles must have at least eight members and run for six or more sessions, which can run for 1.5 to 2 hours, weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Contact Natan Margalit, Director of Open Circle Jewish Learning, at

…. We found it meaningful to deepen our understanding of these mitzvot and traditions that are part of our heritage. Going through the Open Learning Circle together…  deepened our sense of community in Boston and connectedness to our Judaism

– Naomi Berlin, Open Circle Jewish Learning student

Want to learn more about Open Circle Jewish Learning?

If you need additional information or want to create your own salon, please contact Rabbi Natan Margalit, Director of Open Circle Jewish Learning, at

For questions about registration, please contact Helaine Denenberg, Administrative Coordinator of Open Circle Jewish Learning, at