Makor (“Source” in Hebrew), the middle school of Hebrew College, offers an innovative and collaborative approach to Jewish middle-school education through partnership with Boston-area synagogues.

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  • time 6th-7th Grade
  • location Sundays at Hebrew College Campus; Tuesdays at Temple Emanuel, Newton
  • duration Academic Year
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Wondering if Makor is the right fit for your family or your congregation? We are confident that as you explore what Makor has to offer, you’ll find that Makor is the ideal educational partner:

For My Family

We are here as the best educational option if your family is not a member of a synagogue. Makor can offer your child:

  • A broad and diverse community of Jewish friends
  • Access to incredibly dynamic educators
  • A comprehensive education that develops knowledge, social skills and character
  • A schedule that allows for participation in additional extracurricular activities
  • Connection to programs and events provided by our partners
  • An affordable option for continuing Jewish education
  • The warm and engaging community that your child will experience at Makor will serve to enhance your entire family’s sense of Jewish pride and connection. We hope you will explore learning with us in the future.

For My Congregation

Why Makor. Perhaps your congregation is worried about losing a connection with your teen members or hesitant to relinquish full control over your students’ educational curriculum? These are reasonable concerns.

However, we are confident that with deeper consideration, you will find that Makor can offer value to your congregation in the form of:

  • Expertise in engaging a difficult age cohort
  • A hybrid model that exposes emerging teens to a broader peer group while still reinforcing connections to their congregation
  • Consultation on the curriculum your congregation develops for your midweek Makor sessions
  • Access to Hebrew College’s unique Hebrew-language resources
  • A community partner who genuinely desires and supports the growth of your congregation and its ability to engage young Jews

We take collaboration very seriously and strive to be a productive and effective partner. Our partners will always have a voice in the development of Makor. We understand that our improvement is dependent upon our shared success.

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Rabbi Laura Bellows