Community Blog Our last moments in Dnep

By Hannah Morse

On our last day in Dnepropetrovsk we had lunch with Rabbi Kaminetsky and Zelig Brez at the Menorah Center. After such a whirlwind of a week the lunch was a fitting way to end our Havayah experience. I found many parts of this trip trying and difficult and along with everyone else, I had many questions. We heard stories from both the Rabbi and Zelig about Antisemitism that left me feeling troubled but also appreciative of the tolerance in Massachusetts and the thriving Jewish communities in America. The Rabbi expressed his gratitude and the gratitude of the community and helped us understand how important Havayah is. After a rushed week of going place to place it was valuable to be able to sit down to a relaxing lunch and learn about Judaism in Dnepropetrovsk. The conversation helped to string together all of our experiences and connect what we learned during the week.

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