Humans of Hebrew College Lecture Halls to Living Rooms

By Wendy Linden

Betsy More

“I came to this role from a slightly unconventional background — I have a Ph.D. in U.S. women’s history, and before I came to Hebrew College last summer, I spent several years in academia teaching history, gender studies, and American studies.  As a historian, I loved seeing how studying primary sources, learning to ask questions that open up the texts, could also open up students’ vision of the world. This is what Open Circle Jewish Learning does, too — it brings small groups of passionate learners together with teachers who give them the tools to unfold the layers of meaning and relevance in Jewish texts, culture, and history. It’s been a pleasure to be able to make adult Jewish learning accessible to an ever-widening circle.” #HumansHC

(Betsy More, Associate Director of Open Circle Jewish Learning at Hebrew College)

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