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“Now that I’m deep into my pastoral care training and internship at Hebrew SeniorLife, it feels like a natural extension of my 2Life Communities work,” said fifth-year Hebrew College rabbinical student Giulia Fleishman. “I love working with a senior population—I really value this population that is often pushed out to the margins. There is so much deep wisdom in people who have lived through so much. Getting to learn from them while connecting them from my experience feels incredibly powerful.”
Learn more about where our students and alumni serve around the country and world and join us for Ta Sh’ma (Come & Hear) 2021/5782, our fall Open House for prospective rabbinical and cantorial students, on November 7 (vitual) and/or November 15 (in-person).
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“I’m passionate about Judaism as a vibrant wisdom tradition and technology of making meaning. To me, spirituality consists of asking questions that matter, and then living courageously in line with what we hear. Poetry is to me the essence of writing, painting an entire landscape with the most sparse yet illuminating strokes. I see prayer as our attempt to speak G-d’s language and poetry as a bridge between us and G-d. So, putting all this together, my poem Thank You, Modeh Ani was born!” — Hebrew College alumna Rabbi Alyson Solomon on publishing her first book, “Thank You, Modeh Ani.”
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Thinking of a career change? Rabbi Daniel Berman `10 practiced as a trial attorney for several years before coming to Hebrew College. He is now the rabbi at Temple Reyim in Newton.
Learn more at Ta Sh’ma, Hebrew College‘s upcoming ordination open houses: November 7th online; November 15th in-person.
Join #HebrewCollege Rector Rabbi Art Green and 7 other leading Jewish scholars from North America & Israel for Hebrew College Adult Learning‘s Special Centennial Lecture Series “The Old Made New and the New Made Holy: Leading Scholars & Thinkers Reflect on a Century of Jewish Experience and Explore the Challenges That Lie Ahead” beginning 10/21.
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#HebrewCollege Prozdor alumni: It’s the College’s centennial year and we want to share all the latest news with you.
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Reflect on a century of Jewish experience and explore the challenges that lie ahead with nine Jewish leaders and thinkers from across North America and Israel. In honor of Hebrew College’s centennial, Hebrew College Adult Learning is offering a special monthly community learning lecture series: “The Old Made New and the New Made Holy”: Oct. 21, Nov. 16, Dec. 16, Jan. 20, Feb. 17, March 24, April 7, May 19, 7-8:30 p.m. EST. Cost: $350; generous financial aid is available.

Hebrew College Rabbinical Programs Shana Aleph students and their teacher Rachel Adelman had fun with a creative re-enactment of the midrash of the snake pushing Eve to touch the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Want to be a part of the next theatrical rendition of a famous midrash? Join us for Ta Sh’ma in November and sit in on classes with students at Hebrew College!

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“I would not be on the Jewish path that I am today as a rabbinical student if I hadn’t participated in Avodah and seen and experienced how justice is deeply integrated into Jewish tradition. I was able to engage with Judaism as an adult in a space where I could be vulnerable and grow.”—Sarah Rovin, Shana Aleph rabbinical student.

Thinking about rabbinical or cantorial school as part of your Jewish journey? We all have meaningful points along the way to rabbinical or cantorial school. What places helped shaped your path? Join us virtually or in person for Ta Sh’ma.

ONLINE: Sunday, November 7 from 2-5:30 p.m. EST
IN-PERSON: Monday and Tuesday, November 15 and 16.

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Join us for Ta Sh’ma (Come & Hear), #HebrewCollege‘s ordination program Open House: Virtual Open House Nov. 7; In-person Open House Nov. 15.

“As a parent who is also a student, I have a unique and precious opportunity to show my children that learning is a lifelong endeavor, that growing closer to the Divine is a priceless gift, and that it is never too late or too hard to become who we are meant to be.” —Naomi Gurt Lind, a Hebrew College rabbinical student. Learn more about our pluralistic rabbinical and cantorial programs at this year’s Ta Sh’ma (Come & Hear) Ordination Programs Virtual Open House.
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“As Rosh Hashanah nears, it is typical during the month of Elul to commit to heshbon nefesh, an accounting of the soul. We reflect on the ways in which we can grow to bring more light and healing to ourselves and our communities in ways both spiritual and practical. This Elul, what comes to mind as I think about my own growth and what empowers me towards religious action is the work of Northeastern University’s Community Fridge.” —Danny Stein, a Hebrew College rabbinical student and former rabbinic intern at Northeastern Hillel.
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Hebrew College’s Teen Learning Fall 2021 programs start soon! Learn more about Hebrew College Prozdor Teen Open Circle, the Teen Hebrew Institute, Gesher Israel, the Jewish Teen Foundation of Greater Boston at Hebrew College, and Teen Beit Midrash of Hebrew College!
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Hebrew College rabbinical student Ezra Furman was featured yesterday in JTA news. Ezra joins the Shanah Aleph class.

Learn more about Hebrew College’s rabbinical program at one of our November Open Houses on Nov. 7 (virtual) or Nov. 15 (in person). 

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From now until September 18, we are accepting applications for the Jewish Teen Foundation of Greater Boston at Hebrew College, a nine-month program for teens to develop strong leadership and communication skills, dive deep into Jewish values-driven decision making through consensus, learn the ins and outs of professional philanthropy and grant-making through a Jewish lens, and allocate grants to effect real change in the issue areas they care about most.
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Introducing Koleinu (“our voice”), Hebrew College’s new weekly newsletter, replacing News & Views. As we begin our 100th year this fall, we are excited to share with you a selection of resources, special features, and reflections each week in time for Shabbat. We look forward to sharing the inspiring voices of our community with you during this centennial year! Link in Bio.

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Know any teens who are interested in studying Talmud? Encourage them to check out Teen Beit Midrash of Hebrew College. Classes offered in person and online. 

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Rabbi Or Rose, director of the Miller Center for Interreligious Learning & Leadership of Hebrew College, is featured on the August 6, 2021 UNenlightenment podcast with Eric Scot English.
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Season 3 of Hebrew College’s Speaking Torah podcast is live!
Join Rabbi Shoshana Friedman and Bil McKibben, Rabbi Or Rose and Dr. Shively Smith, and Rabbis Jordan Braunig and Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld as they discuss how Torah is relevant to today—and how it can inform and help us in a world in need of healing and hope.
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Hebrew College MaTaRoT

Jewish educators: Join the inaugural cohort of Hebrew College MaTaRoT to help you and your school reach your goals in 2021-22. Application deadline July 23, 2021.
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Doing Our Part to Create a Healthier and More Just Society

“Through our training, we have also learned to listen carefully to people who are vaccine hesitant, knowing that individuals from different communities often have very different experiences with vaccines and with medical care more broadly, including painful experiences of medical racism.” #HebrewCollege #IFYC #FaithinVaccineProgram

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Welcoming Rosh Hodesh Av

As we welcome the new Hebrew month of Av, we invite you to read, listen, and share the words of Torah in this newsletter—bringing your lives to Torah and Torah to your lives. We again thank @nireh_or Instagram Project founders Rabbi Hayley Goldstein`19 and Lizzie Sivitz for their words and artwork.


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2021 Fall Ordination Open House

Learn about our rabbinical and cantorial programs and attend Ta Sh’ma (Come & Hear) — our fall Open House.

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The Kids Are All Right

Food insecurity, homelessness and health education have been amplified during the pandemic—particularly for underserved populations. Hebrew College Teen Fellows & Ambassadors aren’t just standing by. They are taking action to help heal the city of Boston.

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Hebrew College's New Home: A Shared Campus in Newton, MA

Hebrew College will partner with Temple Reyim and several other Jewish organizations to create a new shared campus for Jewish life in Newton and relocate to our new home in December 2022.

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Speaking Torah Podcast: Stop Making Sense

“For me, the poetry of Torah is very loud and very magnetic, and I think it can transform us if we let it in,” says Rabbi Mónica Gomery`17 in HebrewCollege’s SpeakingTorah podcast episode “Stop Making Sense.”

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Rabbi Art Green Receives National Jewish Book Award

Hebrew College Rector Rabbi Art Green, founder of the Rabbinical School at Hebrew College, has been award­ed his first Nation­al Jew­ish Book Award for Judaism for the World: Reflec­tions on God, Life, and Love .

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#HebrewCollege is honored to be part of The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest, making climate change a central moral issue of the Jewish community. Come learn with us & explore over 100 other Festival events — free and online January 27-31, 2021.

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Hebrew College Elul Together Project

It’s Thursday, which means #elul is about bees! Watch today’s #hebrewcollege #elultogether offering “Sweetness in Elul” with #HCRS alumna Rabbi Suzanne Offit.

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From artist to rabbi

New ordination students come to Hebrew College with diverse perspectives & life experiences. Performance artist Lawrence Dreyfuss is among the fall 2020 cohort.

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Leadership, Learning, and Love in this Uncertain Time

Heres a sampling of the Torah and tefillah our #HebrewCollege community is creating for this moment. Wishing you a healthy and peaceful Shabbat. #NewsandViews

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