Hebrew College Cantorial Program Reference Form

Hebrew College Cantorial Program

Once you hit submit, if you do not see a confirmation screen, please go back and make sure you have filled in all required fields. Thank you.

  • In the categories below, please rate the applicant using numbers 1 through 5.

    1 – cannot assess (if you have not had direct contact with the applicant in that category.)
    2 – below average
    3 – average
    4 – above average
    5 – superior
  • Please give a brief, frank statement of your appraisal of the applicant’s intellect, motivation, character and personality. If you feel qualified to do so, please discuss the following as well: (a) the applicant’s commitment to Jewish life and spiritual search; (b) the appropriateness of the choice of the cantorate as a career for this applicant, given his/her character and interests; and (c) areas in which this candidate needs to work on improvement or change (d) the applicant’s musical ability and talent.

    Please note that a description of strengths and weaknesses will be more helpful to the Admissions Committee than a uniformly positive statement.
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