Tainted Money: Jewish Philanthropy in a Troubled Time

A conversation with Len Fishman, former CEO of HebrewSenior Life, and Rabbi Sara Paasche-Orlow, Director of Spiritual Care at HebrewSenior Life.

Len Fishman, formerly the CEO of Hebrew Senior Life, the largest nonprofit provider of senior housing and healthcare in New England, and Rabbi Sara Paasche-Orlow, Director of Spiritual Care at Hebrew Senior Life will be discussing the difficult question of whether Jewish institutions should accept money from donors who might be “tainted” in the eyes of the Jewish community. Either because of political activity or illicit behavior or business practices that are problematic, a number of well-known philanthropists have come under scrutiny and many organizations are grappling with the difficult question of what to do with money that comes from these donors. Our guests from Hebrew Senior Life will reflect on the dilemmas that have occurred in their own development work for HSL, as well as engage the community in a conversation about appropriate values guiding such decisions.

This event is part of Hebrew College’s Winter Seminar “What Do We Owe Each Other: Jewish Conversations on Equality and the Challenges of a Just Society,” the week of January 27.

Re-envisioning Jewish Inclusion in 2020 and Beyond: How Interfaith Couples and Families Belong

In an era when at least half of all Jews in America reaching adulthood are children of intermarriage, the topic of how we embrace interfaith (mixed heritage) couples and families is of vital importance to our Jewish community. On March 26, Hebrew College will host a full day program exploring, reflecting and examining how we can fully and authentically embrace this topic. This program will allow Hebrew College students, faculty and staff, along with the greater Boston community, an opportunity to hear a multiplicity of viewpoints in a much-needed conversation.

The program will include a panel discussion focusing on personal experiences, a text study, a presentation on demographics and current cultural overview of what “interfaith” families are. We will also focus on bringing together local Jewish Organization’s leaders to share their experiences and best practices to fully embrace Interfaith couples and families within their organizations.

Breakfast and lunch will be available for purchase. RSVP coming soon. For more information please contact Lorin Troderman at Lorin.Troderman@hebrewcollege.edu.

This event is part of the inaugural year of programming of the Hebrew College Innovation Lab. Co-sponsors include  Interfaith Family and Unorthodox Celebrations.


Taking it “Seriously”: Doubt, Trust and Halakhah with Rabbi Aviva Richman

In what ways is halakhah embedded in systems of trust – trust of rabbis, trust of peers, trust of ourselves, and even trust in God?  We will delve into a case study in niddah regarding halakhah, gender, and the body, as a way to explore our assumptions about the role of trust in halakhah.  How can our learning propel us to imagine and envision the possibilities of what a halakhah embedded in trust could or should be? Dinner included.

Hebrew College is co-sponsoring this event with Hadar.


Hebrew College CEO Forum with Jon Hirschtick

Save the Date

Please join us for Hebrew College’s Sixth CEO Forum. The event includes kosher breakfast and a Q&A session with our featured speaker, Jon Hirschtick, Executive Vice President of SaaS at PTC, who will be interviewed by Aron Ain, CEO of Kronos.

About our speakers:
Jon is a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Onshape. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from MIT where he majored in Mechanical Engineering, and has worked in CAD for over 35 years. Jon was previously a Founder and CEO of SOLIDWORKS, a group executive at Dassault Systemes, Director of Engineering at Computervision, Manager at the MIT CADLab, a player and instructor on the MIT Blackjack team, and a professional magician. He serves on the Engineering Advisory Board at Boston University and as an advisor to Magic Leap, Inc. and MarkForged, Inc. (Bio courtesy of Onshape)

Aron became CEO of Kronos in 2005 after joining the company in 1979. His team put a laser focus on employee engagement as a growth strategy and saw worldwide employee engagement scores skyrocket as revenue nearly tripled to $1.4 billion. Regarded as a pioneer in workforce management and human capital management, Ain has been instrumental in revolutionizing the way organizations manage their workforces with a new generation of products and services that empower employees. (Bio courtesy of Kronos)

Event program:
• 7:30 – 8:00 am: Kosher breakfast
• 8:00 – 9:00 am: Q&A session with Jon Hirschtick and Aron Ain

Interested in corporate sponsorship of this event?
Contact Mia Tavan, Hebrew College Development Associate, at mtavan (at) hebrewcollege.edu before March 15, 2020.

Hebrew College’s CEO Forum Series aims to bridge academic Jewish studies and community needs by serving as a resource for leaders who want to engage in Jewish values and Jewish community.

February Yom Iyyun: Teen Mental Health

The Rabbinical School of Hebrew College will be holding a Yom Iyyun on Teen Mental Health thanks to generous support from The Ruderman Family Foundation.

Some of the highlights and speakers include:

  • Paul Hyry-Dermith, Director, Bridge for Resiliant Youth in Transition, The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health
  • This is My Brave – an organization dedicated to encouraging empathy through stories and testimony from people suffering with mental illness, thisismybrave.org
  • Madhuri Barefoot, Founder, True North Wilderness Program

For more information, contact Laurena Rosenberg at lrosenberg@hebrewcollege.edu.