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Community Blog Finding My Jewish Community in Boston

Being a part of the Jewish community is not always a piece of cake. For many who...

Batya Ellinot,Giullia Fleishman, Sara Blumenthal

Community Blog Balavev: Hebrew College’s Reimagined Rabbinical Year-in-Israel Program

On Wednesday afternoons, seven Hebrew College rabbinical students gather at an a...

70th birthday celebration

Community Blog Celebrating Rabbi Allan Lehmann

The Beit Midrash is at the nexus of Hebrew College — it is where rabbinical st...

Rabbi Jessica Kate Meyer

Genesis Resist. Laugh. Hope.

Batya Ellinoy

Genesis “Go Forth” — Go to Yourself, for Yourself, and Beyond Yourself!

Parashat Lech Lecha (Genesis 12:1-17:27)  This week’s Torah portion begins wi...

Rabbi Avi Killip

Genesis Belief and Disbelief in the Face of Climate Change

Parashat Noach (Genesis 6:9-11:32) Noah is a man of little faith. This is what R...