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Community Blog Solace and Solidarity

This morning’s news of the brutal attack on Jews celebrating Hanukkah in M...

Rachel Adelman - 70 Faces

Genesis Hanukkah Heroines of Yore

Hanukkah When we light Hanukkah candles around the winter solstice, we shunt bac...


Community Blog These Candles That We Light:
A Meditation on Sacred Uselessness


Community Blog Rooted in Nature

JTFGB - two girls smiling

Community Blog Teen Reflections for a Meaningful New Year

5780. A new year. The perfect time to recharge, reflect and think about what cou...

Holidays Building Our Sukkot, Rebuilding Ourselves

Sukkot As a shul-goer and parent (and as a grocery shopper), I spend a lot of th...