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Community Blog The Israeli Election as a Teachable Moment

Regardless of one’s political preferences, next week’s Israeli election prov...

Hebrew College President Sharon-Cohen-Anisfeld

Seventy Faces of Torah More Than Enough: Cultivating a Capacious Heart

The first thing we learn about Moses’ father-in-law Yitro in this week’s par...

Rabbi Elisha Herb

Seventy Faces of Torah Shekhina: Earth Mother

Parashat Va’eira  (Exodus 6:2-9:35) “Dad – that’s Gaia,” Noah insist...

Hebrew College President Sharon-Cohen-Anisfeld

Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld Living, Learning, and Teaching Halakhah in a Pluralistic Context: A View From the Hebrew College Rabbinical School

The following remarks were given by Hebrew College President Rabbi Sharon Cohen...


Seventy Faces of Torah Reacting to Evil

Parashat Vayechi (Genesis 47:28–50:26) Parashat Vayechi offers a conclusion to...

Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld

Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld “The greatest desire of all is to be in the dream of another…”

In this week’s Torah portion, Joseph and his Egyptian wife Osnat give birth to...