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Sharon Cohen Anisfeld and Deb Feinstein

Community Blog Hebrew College Welcomes Six New Trustees

David Hoffman knew very little about Hebrew College until last spring. A retired...

Cantor Becky-Khitrik

Community Blog Enduring Traditions Meet Community Customs

Laura Bellows

Community Blog Rabbi Laura Bellows, Class of 2018, brings her passion for teen learning and community back to Hebrew College

Rabbi Laura Bellows never loved Hebrew School. Raised in a Havurah community in ...

Arkansas map

Community Blog Finding My Jewish Community in Boston

Being a part of the Jewish community is not always a piece of cake. For many who...

Batya Ellinot,Giullia Fleishman, Sara Blumenthal

Community Blog Balevav: Hebrew College’s Reimagined Rabbinical Year-in-Israel Program

On Wednesday afternoons, seven Hebrew College rabbinical students gather at an a...

70th birthday celebration

Community Blog Celebrating Rabbi Allan Lehmann

The Beit Midrash is at the nexus of Hebrew College — it is where rabbinical st...