Hebrew College will be closed on Friday, April 19 for Passover. Chag Pesach Sameach!

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Open Circle Social Action banner

Community Blog New social action program reflects Hebrew College’s enduring commitment to “areivut”

Before Rabbinical School, Rabbi Daniel Schaefer, Rab‘18, worked at a Washingto...

Becky Khitrik and Jeff Klepper

Community Blog A Hebrew College student follows in her teacher’s footsteps

As a cantorial student at Hebrew College, Becky Khitrik Can`14 studied religious...

Rabbi Art Green

Community Blog After Israel’s Election: An American Jewish Reflection

The Israeli voter has spoken, loudly and clearly.  Benjamin Netanyahu has been ...

Schecter students

Community Blog Shoolman School Receives $200K Grant

Hebrew College’s Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education has receive...


Community Blog Storytelling for Justice

Each year, members of Congregation Beth Hatikvah in Summit, N.J. and neighboring...

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Community Blog Q & A with Heidi Popkin about her Family Passover Haggadah

1: How did the idea for creating your own haggadah come about?  When was it fir...