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News Highlights Rabbi Or Rose to Teach on Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi for Aleph’s Kallah

By Hebrew College
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Rabbi Or RoseRabbi Or Rose, director of the Miller Center, will be teaching on Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi’s life work at the ALEPH Alliance for Jewish Renewal Kallah from July 3-9.

Read the full course description below:

How did Reb Zalman (1924-2014) become a HaBaD-Lubavitch hasid? Why did he regard the great African American preacher and pastor, Rev. Howard Thurman, as a rebbe? How did his friendship with Catholic monks and nuns—including the renowned writer and activist Thomas Merton—influence his vision of the original B’nai Or community? When did Reb Zalman integrate feminist and ecological teachings into his evolving vision of contemporary Jewish life? Join us as we explore the singular—sometimes jagged—journey of our beloved teacher from Europe to North America and from Hasidism to the New Age. Our sessions will include a combination of biographical, historical, and textual learning, along with meditation and song. As we delve into Reb Zalman’s life and thought, we will also examine some of the “loose ends” of his project—theoretical and practical—in an effort to honor his legacy of renewal and continue to dance on the “growing edge.”

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